How to Use Questions and Math Captcha in WordPress Forms?


How to Use Questions and Math Captcha in WordPress Forms?

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Want to add math question captcha in your WordPress forms and don’t know how?

In this WPEverest Article, you’ll learn how to create custom captcha and add it to your WordPress forms effortlessly.

Why Use Custom Captcha for WordPress Forms?

When it comes to spam protection, Google reCaptcha is the best option to prevent spam form submissions.

However, the users who are not tech-savvy will find it a bit difficult to set up. Moreover, there are many users who find the complex image captchas are time consuming and annoying. So, for a simpler solution, you can use a custom captcha question to your forms.

So, What is a Captcha Question?

A captcha question is a less complicated way to stop unwanted form submissions and user registrations. These are simple question-answer captcha mechanism which validates the user input on your forms.

If the user enters the wrong answer to the captcha question, then the form is not submitted. This method is perfect for less complex and confidential forms. The custom captcha questions can be a simple math question or a random text question.

For example, you can add a simple math question like “What is 12+23?“.

Or, you can use an easy captcha like “What is the largest mammal?“.

How to Add Math & Custom Questions Captcha in WordPress Forms?

There are plenty of WordPress form builder plugins available for making contact forms, signup forms, and other types of forms. These plugins let you create WordPress forms easily but not all of them allow adding custom captcha like a math question or custom question.

Thanks to some of those plugins like Everest Forms that offer this feature!

Everest form captcha add-on

Everest Forms which is a powerful contact form plugin that allows you to create all types of forms for your WordPress site. It offers amazing features to make your forms more secure and spam-free such as reCaptcha, honeypot, and custom captcha.

For the custom captcha feature, you need to install a premium extension. The Everest Forms Captcha add-on lets you add math captcha to your WordPress contact form without any trouble.

It is the best math captcha WordPress plugin that offers you the option to add a random math question or your own pre-defined questions.

Step 1: Install Everest Forms and Captcha Add-on

Firstly, you need to purchase the Everest Forms Pro plan and install it in your WordPress site. After that, you can see the Everest Forms tab added to your WordPress dashboard.

So, go to Everest Forms -> Add-ons and, you can see the various add-ons available in the premium plan. Find the Custom Captcha Add-on and click on the Install Addon button to install and activate the add-on on your site.

Install captcha addon

Step 2: Create a New Form

After you install both Everest Forms and the Captcha add-on on your WordPress site, you can create a form. For this, go to Everest Forms -> Add New. Then, you will see a collection of pre-built form templates to get you started. Or, you can Start From Scratch.


Then, you will be taken to the easy to use form builder. On the left-hand side, you can see the various form fields. They are divided into sections such as General Fields, Advanced Fields, Payment Fields, etc. You can insert any fields that you required by simply dragging a field to the right side of the form builder.

Step 3: Add the Math Captcha Field

In the form builder, you can see the Captcha field in the Advanced Fields section. You can simply drag-and-drop to insert the Captcha field to your form.


As you can see the Captcha field shows a simple math question. On the front end, the form shows a different random math question to the users. To change the default form settings, you can click on the captcha field and go to the Form Options tab.

Now, you can change the Label, Format, and Description of the Captcha field. Other than that, you can even change the Advanced Options such as Placeholder Text, Hide Label, and CSS Class.

math captcha in wordpress

Step 4: Add Question and Answer Captcha

The default format is Math and it displays a random math captcha on your forms. So, you cannot choose which math question to display.

But, there is another option that allows you to add multiple captcha questions yourself. To add a custom captcha for your WordPress forms, you need to change the Format to Question and Answer.

custom captcha for wordpress forms

Here, you can create your own math or text question for the captcha. You can add the simplest questions so, your users won’t get frustrated while answering them.

Also, there are options to add multiple questions. For this, you can simply click on the Plus button. And, to delete a question, you need to click on the Minus button.

Add more math captcha in wordpress

In the frontend, one of these questions is displayed randomly in the Captcha field. If the user input is wrong or empty, then the form cannot be submitted.

Custom Math Captcha:


Custom Question Captcha:


Therefore, the best way to prevent unnecessary form submissions without giving users a hard time is to add a custom math captcha field. And, Everest Forms allows you to add math captcha and question-answer captcha easily. Hopefully, you know how to use math captcha in WordPress forms with ease now.

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How to Use Questions and Math Captcha in WordPress Forms?

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