Arteq Power bronze sponsor

ArteqPower is developed by Harold Lever. Harold Lever started in 2010 with Archimedes Solutions to develop various initiatives in the area of sustainable energy. In 2015, the development of the…

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Bardot Ocean silver sponsor

Bardot Ocean is silver sponsor of the 4th International OTEC Symposium. Bardot Ocean is part of Bardot Group, a French engineering company specialised in subsea projects. At Bardot Ocean, the…

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Akuo Energy silver sponsor

Akuo Energy is silver sponsor of the 4th International OTEC Symposium. Akuo Energy develops, finances, builds and operates renewable energy power plants all over the world, amongst others, Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC)…

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Deltares gold sponsor

Deltares is sponsor of the 4th International OTEC Symposium. Deltares contributes to the symposium program on day 1 (Tuesday 25th October) with a tour through its facilities, a presentation and diner. Deltares…

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DCNS gold sponsor

DCNS, a leader in naval defense and a major actor in marine renewable energy, is gold sponsor for the 4th OTEC Symposium. DCNS is playing a key role in the emerging market of marine renewable…

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Technip silver sponsor

Technip, a world leader in engineering, project management and construction for the energy industry, is silver sponsor for the 4th OTEC Symposium. Technip’s business activities serve many sectors of the energy…

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Delft University of Technology gold sponsor

Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) is co-host and gold sponsor of the 4th OTEC Symposium. With its contribution to the OTEC Symposium TU Delft aims to strengthen its role in…

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Bluerise gold sponsor

Bluerise is gold sponsor and partner of the 4th International OTEC Symposium. Bluerise is honored this year’s OTEC Symposium will be held in the Netherlands for the first time, made possible…

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