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Topsector Water partner

The Dutch Topsector Water has joined as partner of the 4th International OTEC Symposium. The Topsector Water is an alliance between the Dutch government, private sector, universities and research centres. Its aim is to get innovative products or services onto the market and to double the added value of the Dutch water sector in the period leading up to 2020. TopsectorWater_logo_DEF_01-Version-2-versie-5-211x300

Water is a market that is constantly changing, while also offering plenty of opportunities to gain profits. The international market is large and growing rapidly, and since the water sector already holds a strong position, it has been designated a top sector by the government. This means that the government will make specific investments in the sector, together with companies and the science sector. Its three pillars are Maritime, Delta- and Water technology. OTEC is explicitly mentioned as ambition in the innovation agenda of the Maritime pillar, both to as sustainable energy technology for the Dutch Caribbean Islands, as well as the Dutch export market.


For more information about Dutch water expertise, projects, knowledge, education and events around the world, please check the website:


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