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OTEC meets Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference

Offshore renewable energy is on the rise with new emerging markets and an increasing number of projects. The many hundreds of gigawatts of capacity to be installed in the coming decades is an opportunity for new industry involvement. One of the offshore renewables is Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) which uses the natural temperature difference in tropical oceans between the surface water and deep water to generate power.

OTEC, best applicable in tropical regions with population centres near the coast, can provide an enormous amount of clean and renewable energy, day and night, year-round. OTEC can fully meet the world’s rapidly growing energy needs.  Berend Jan Kleute, co-founder and CTO of OTEC developer Bluerise, explains: “The warm surface water is used to evaporate a so-called working fluid, comparable to the fluid used in a fridge. The vapor drives an electricity generating turbine. The cold water brought up from the deeper ocean layer is then used to condense the vapor so it can be reused. A cycle is therefore created, one that generates electricity.”

OTEC  is entering the phase of commercial power production, which requires offshore equipment such as floating structures, pipes, mooring and power cables. This opens up opportunities for industry active in offshore sectors, such as offshore wind energy and oil & gas.

Offshore Energy 2016
Offshore Energy 2016

Kleute: “An OTEC feasibility study, conducted by Bluerise funded by Topsector Water, demonstrated a large potential, in combination with an untapped solution to a market need. The market for OTEC is progressing fast, with projects developed or announced in, amongst others, the Caribbean, China, Japan, Hawaii, Korea and India.

This year the Netherlands will host the 4th International OTEC Symposium, held partly at Delft University of Technology and in the RAI, Amsterdam during the Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference (OEEC). The conference will offer participants the opportunity to learn about the latest OTEC technology and market developments, connect with the OTEC industry, and share best practices to accelerate OTEC implementation.

The OTEC Symposium is an annual meeting that brings together OTEC industry, researchers and market experts from all over the world. The symposium will be held in the Netherlands for the first time, taking place on 25 and 26 October 2016, partially hosted at OEEC – further strengthening OEECs focus on marine energy, alongside offshore wind and oil & gas. Attendance can be combined with the Marine Energy event in partnership with EWA during OEEC.




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