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Delft University of Technology gold sponsor

Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) is co-host and gold sponsor of the 4th OTEC Symposium. With its contribution to the OTEC Symposium TU Delft aims to strengthen its role in research, education and international cooperation in OTEC and Ocean Energy. TU Delft can make available unique, cross-disciplinary expertise with more than 900 energy researchers and several thousand students working on different energy related topics. This could accelerate implementation of Ocean Energy, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

Process & Energy Lab TU Delft with ongoing OTEC research
Process & Energy Lab TU Delft with ongoing OTEC research

TU Delft conducts research to develop innovative solutions for OTEC, focused on the OTEC power cycle, electrical and offshore equipment. OTEC power cycle research is conducted with a small-scale research and demonstration prototype of an OTEC power plant in the laboratory of Process & Energy. This knowledge will be of use as part of OTEC project for the Dutch Caribbean Islands, which do have a vast OTEC resource, sufficient to enable energy self-sufficiency of the islands. The Dutch Caribbean forms a significant home market, however the greatest opportunity for the Dutch sector is the global export potential, with many hundreds of GW’s of OTEC expected to be installed in the coming decades.

TU delft recently created an Ocean Energy Platform to stimulate research and education in ocean energy. TU Delft is interested to collaborate with academic and industry partners to stimulate its development. The Ocean Energy Platform is supported by the Delft Energy Initiative.


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