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DCNS gold sponsor

DCNS, a leader in naval defense and a major actor in marine renewable energy, is gold sponsor for the 4th OTEC Symposium. DCNS is playing a key role in the emerging market of marine renewable energy, including Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC), but also floating wind and tidal energy. DCNS can build on over 350 years’ experience in naval shipbuilding and in-depth understanding of marine environments.

Previously, DCNS has tested its OTEC technology in La Réunion Island with a land-based prototype, established on the site of the Saint-Pierre University. The prototype has been used by its OTEC team to work on the main electricity generation system and validate the heat exchanger technology. Currently DCNS is developing a 4-5MW land-based OTEC plant and a 16MW floating OTEC plant to be installed in Martinique, together with Akuo Energy. The latter OTEC project, which is called NEMO (New Energy for Martinique and Overseas), was awarded 72 M€ under the NER300 programme by the European Commission in 2014. The 16MW floating OTEC is planned to be operational by 2019.

Nemo OTEC project by DCNS and Akuo Energy
NEMO 16MW floating OTEC project by DCNS and Akuo Energy

Akuo Energy will provide its expertise in the development and funding of renewable energy projects and its knowledge of island territories. DCNS, industrial partner in the project, is the supplier of this innovative technology. Both parties will work together during the construction and operation phase of the project.  Please find the presentation by Thierry Bouchet, head of OTEC technology development at DCNS, during last year’s OTEC symposium in Malaysia here: link.


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