Given the momentum and the increasing pace of development in this nascent industry, this year’s OTEC Symposium program will go beyond research and technology development and move towards highlighting the market developments and identifying the missing pieces to being able to deploy OTEC systems more rapidly. The program will include both the opportunities amongst the challenges that lie ahead, in all phases of OTEC development. It will be a lively, interactive program including several panel discussions with a dynamic mix of stakeholders, gathering governments, project developers, supply chain companies, financiers and most of the world’s expertise on offshore technologies.

The program will follow the phases of OTEC development, addressing the following themes:

  • OTEC planning and pre-construction: What is the current status of OTEC technology, standards, grid integration, resource mapping, software and survey tools?
  • OTEC supply chain and technology & project roadmaps: how can we organise the supply chain to allow free access to future opportunities, building on the experiences of others? What is the project status of development and what facilities are available for accelerating OTEC commercialization?
  • OTEC project financing: what investments and funding schemes are needed to accelerate OTEC capacity building and scale-up in the energy market?
  • Island energy and government policies: what does OTEC bring to the island energy mix and how do policy frameworks, pricing and support schemes facilitate this?
  • Communication & cooperation: how can we organize communication to the wider public, increase stakeholder awareness and stimulate collaboration in the sector to allow access to future opportunities?


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